Blinds 2 Go Voiceover

7 down…72 to go! ¬†I have been doing voiceover for Staffordshire based production company Amp Studio on a large series of product videos for their client blinds2go. There are about 80 of these effective, concise and brilliantly produced videos to come, which give consumers all the information they need about each product on offer. It’s a lovely job. Amp Studio asked for an upbeat and friendly style…just means remembering to smile when I talk!



Voiceover for white board animation

7L8A6229-2White board animation is a very¬†creative way of providing information! It takes a few hours for the artist to¬†illustrate…and then my voice is plonked on top. I have to make sure that the pace of my voiceover flows with the illustrator but usually the tweaks can be¬†made by the editor.

Produced by Luke Huckle

Produced by Joe Binks

In other news, I’m off to VOX this weekend, which is a voiceover conference in the UK. Looking forward to connecting with my fellow voice artist pals and getting some inspiration from some of the top talent in the business.

I’m still trying to get my head around the vlogging thing – which is crazy to say considering I’ve been presenting for years. I’m so used to doing things from scripts and in a style which is informative and authoritative (but hopefully still relatable). I’m loving Instagram at the mo – especially the story feed which allows me to record small clips of what I’m up to. If nothing else, it’s a great way to recap over the past 24 hours¬†activities when I ¬†get into bed (something I’m sure we all do more than we let on!).

Nutrition blogging

Since gaining a masters in Nutrition and Health, I’ve been using my skills in media to team up with health food brands. I write evidence based articles and present videos on nutrition. I love it! Here is a snippet of what I’ve been doing. There is a social media buzz word being rattled around right now…¬†‘influencer’. A digital influencer is a person who has an online following and can help to influence others. It is something I’m trying to build on within my nutrition work and really loving the process. Being freelance offers so much freedom and enables me to evolve!

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 17.47.01

Find out more about my nutrition work and read articles here.

Forward thinking with Premier Range

I’ve worked as a¬†presenter for¬†Premier Range for many years and am constantly impressed by their forward thinking marketing strategy. They are a clever brand who know how to use Facebook to their advantage.

Premier Range use product videos to quickly demonstrate what a consumer can expect from their exclusively designed radiator covers.

Not only does this method convert views into sales, it also allows the marketing team to track traffic on their Facebook page and get real insight into what their consumers are interested in.

New voiceover material

Last year, I took a hiatus from full-time voiceover and presenting to go back to university. I studied a masters in Nutrition. It was a fantastic experience, I gained an MSc and a greater understanding about the food we eat and its effect on the body. This is something I can use to deliver nutrition education to others both at my nutrition workshops and online.

Having some time out from voicing also gave me fresh perspective and reignited my enthusiasm for my work as a female voiceover artist. So, I’m back on the voiceover band wagon with up to date material and a new voice booth. Here are some short examples of voice work;

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What I wear on cold shoots


This month I did¬†a shoot with Nick Shier from Motion 7, filming in a warehouse in Derby. It may not sound the most glamorous job in the world but it was really good to be filming again.¬†We shot a couple of videos for KB Packaging to promote their new products. My iPad autocue came in really handy. I love the freedom it gives me as it saves¬†the hassle of learning scripts days in advance. I was also grateful for¬†my UGG boots and¬†Nick’s¬†mid shots and close ups which meant I could get away with wearing them.


In other news, I was hired as the producer for a series of FAQ videos for innovative science company Biostatus. Being on the other side of the camera was a great experience, helping to get the best out of the CEO and Sales Directors so that they could relay the information instead. I did the voiceover for them too.


Finally, I was honoured to do the iTunes promo voiceover for Ocean Colour Scene front man Andy Bennett. He released a smoochy single in November.

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Getting beautified

Beauty 4 Less“. I said that phrase a fair few times across an intense but super productive video shoot with Ben Jacobson. We filmed¬†around 50 products over 2 days. The videos have¬†populated the website superbly and gives Beauty 4 Less even more exposure.¬†Web video also¬†means consumers have even more¬†information¬†on the item of interest and can see it in working order.¬†Beauty 4 Less is now a market leader in the UK for online beauty products,¬†demonstrated by their growth over the past two years. This became evident to me when we got to the shoot as their warehouse had tripled in size.

See all videos here.

In other news, I passed my MSc in Nutrition and Health with a distinction. Going back to uni to study science¬†was a completely life enhancing (and challenging) experience. Check out Make It Healthy for a dose healthy eating inspiration¬†and¬†the¬†feature (and recipe) in this months Cheshire Life magazine about my¬†journey into the world of nutritional science…

Cheshire Life 1.jpg
Cheshire Life: October 2016